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Forbury Gardens
Forbury Gardens; a pleasant place to take the air, although due to
increased incidents of air-theft, the practice now been banned.

Reading Location Tour 12: Forbury Gardens

Here photographed prior to the building of the Sacred Gonga visitor's centre, Forbury Gardens was once the site of the Reading Abbey complex which fell into disrepair following the dissolution of the monasteries. Recent excavations have uncovered the crypt of St Greeb, whose hastily - and doubtless intended for private circulation - guide to Reading's 14th century fleshpots has become the centrepiece of the Reading City museum. Aside from being a detailed reporter of Reading's medieval night-time proclivities and an apothecary of almost no talent, St Greeb's fame lies with the abundance of his appendages. According to a recent survey of St Greeb skeletal religious relics, he possessed eight hands on each of his three arms and three jawbones to his two heads.

The Sacred Gonga visitor's Centre (not pictured) was built in the South-West corner and would have been opened by no less a luminary than the Jellyman himself, had it not been for a unprecedented emergency that closed the visitor's centre for almost six months.

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