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Radnor Road.

Reading Location Tour 2: Radnor Road

A new estate built on the site of Arbuthnot's strait-jacket factory, Radnor road is noted mainly for three things:

1) The dwelling place of noted contortionist Arthur Scrimps, reputedly the only person able to fit his own foot in his mouth. Scrimps is in much demand on the Berkshire playhouse circuit, where his rubbery antics receive tumultuous applause and sounds of 'eee-ooh' in equal proportion.

2) The residence of Mr B.B.Wolff and the place of his death by scalding in 2002, when he imprudently descended a chimney of a house built illegally on his land by three small pigs. Although charged and tried for the crime of murder, the three pigs were aquitted. They still live a few streets away in a large house, having made a fortune selling their story to the tabloid newspapers. Rumours that Little Pig 'A' may split from the group to pursue a solo career have not been substantiated.

3) The scene of the dramatic escape by the Gingerbreadman in August 2004. Having been disturbed at a house the other end of the road, the cakey pyschopath was chased to this junction by DCI Jack Spratt in his Allegro equipe. Although reports of the incident are confused, it appears that DCI Spratt hit another vehicle as he drove across the junction in the pursuit. For eighteen months afterwards tyre marks could be seen on the ashphalt, and although contemporary photographs of DCI Spratt's car show no damage, the incident was caught on CCTV camera. There were no injuries, although Mrs Dawkin's Begonias at number 36 were slightly damaged, as were a row of parked cars further up the road.

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