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Arborfield Roundabout, and the scene of the Gingerbreadman's dramatic escape.

Reading Location Tour 3: Arborfield Roundabout

A small village on the outskirts of Reading to the South and not far from the Eastern entrance of Andersen's wood. Originally established as a leper colony in the 17th century, Arborfield is now an upmarket suburb to Reading's elite.

It was on this roundabout in August 2004 that the Gingerbreadman escaped from the small St Cerebellum's minivan in which he was being transported. Dr Alan Mandible, the lunatic biscuit's doctor and head of the noted asylum, was murdered in the escape and two prison guards were hospitalised, where they remained critical (Didn't like the food, sheets too rough, that sort of thing).

The Gingerbreadman remained at large for three more days until expertly tackled by DCI Spratt. From recently released police photographs, we can deduce the minivan was found on its side roughly in the middle of the picture. The door, torn from its hinges, was found 50 yards away in the centre of the roundabout.

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