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Usually a haunt for bears attempting to sell illegal porridge

Reading Location Tour 4: The Lock-ups at the back of Crawford Close

Known to police only as a haunt for illegal bear-related porridge buys, these lock-ups were unremarkable until the scene of DCI Jack Spratt's dramatic cornering of the Gingerbreadman following his brief pursuit from Radnor Road. Although published reports are still restricted, eyewitness accounts report that DCI Spratt arrived here, in his car, not along the road but through the alleyway opposite. It is thought that they spoke for several minutes, DCI Spratt attempted to capture the Gingerbreadman, and was then thrown through the door of the lock-up (now replaced and painted white).

The Gingerbreadman then escaped by vaulting the wall seen in the background. Although Spratt receved several cuts and bruises, he was well enough to remain on active duty, until suspended from duty the day after, for unrelated reasons. It is understood that at the time of this incident, DCI Spratt and the NCD were not engaged on the hunt for the Gingerbreadman.

Unanswered questions still remain. Most interestingly, how did DCI Spratt drive between two bollards 6" too narrow for his car and demolish a small wall, yet still mange to drive his car back to Radnor road a few minutes later?

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