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Elastolene Avenue
Elastolene™ Avenue and Mrs Spratt's house.

9: Elastolene Avenue

Only a few dusty postcards and the odd faded programme serve to remind us that in 1926 Reading played host to a fabulous World Fair, showcasing art and science from nations currently not at war with Great Britain. On this site once stood the twenty acre 'World of Elastolene™' where every building, tub of flowers and most of the food was made from the all-new miracle proto-plastic.

In the area where Mrs Spratt's house now stands was the majestic 'Palace of Machines', which featured demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies from the nations of the world. Noted exhibits included Sweden's improved humane elephant killer and a napthalene-powered automatic dog walker, Splotvia's only contribution. The success of the exhibition was somewhat soured when a heavy rainstorm was followed by a hot spell; the gradual sagging of the Elastolene™ roof kept visitors - and much needed revenue - at bay.

In more modern times this garden played host to a massive broad bean or Vicia Faba which grew to a height of over two hundred feet until toppled the night DI Spratt solved the Humpty murder. Although hotly denied by the security services it is believed that His Eminence the Jellyman was also present as well as ex-DCI Chymes, whose conduct on that night, it is said, led to his resignation.

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